For interior decoration, are you a fan of using natural tile material? Natural tile material has been widely used for a long time as they provide captivating look to space. In addition to stone that most customers know, shells also can be used to create beautiful mosaic tiles, too. Today we are introducing our new-launched mother of pearl shell mosaic tiles in classic colors ( super white, beige and black lip), and popular patterns (square, penny round, fish scale, hexagon and strip shapes), wide choices for fitting different spaces. Read on and discover more details about this new series, see how they create unique look for interior decoration.

What is Mother Of Pearl Tile?

Mother of pearl mosaic tiles are made of natural shell material, which are much more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant than other tile types such as glass mosaic, marble mosaic. They are really water-proofing and versatile in bathroom, shower, kitchen backsplash, living room wall installation.

Shell tile always has a high shine and iridescent finish with gorgeous hue to make a space pop and glitter, the iridescent color is reflective and can change by the trick of shades and light. The shell color is straight from the nature, influenced by the type and color of the shells, the most common color would be the white, while black is rare to see but popular in luxury hotel project.

Mother of pearl tiles come in different shapes and patterns to choose from, brick bond strip, square, fish scale, penny round and hexagon shapes are well-received especially for backsplash design, creating classical look space.

Little Installing Tip for Shell Mosaic

use crystal glass grout for shell mosaic tiles.jpg

These shell mosaics are mesh-mounted on back, which is easy to cut and install. For grouting, we would highly recommend you to use a crystal glass grout for achieving a more subtle, unexpectedly eye-catching look.

White, Beige, Black Lip, Which color do you prefer?

White Shell Series >>

white hexagon pearl shell tiles for clean kitchen backsplash ZOE4904.jpg

The white hexagon pearl shell tiles works seamlessly to create a clean splash back for the modern kitchen.

white hexagon pearl tile for feature wall decor ZOE4904.jpg

A elegant, bright and cozy living room finished by lazy sofa, over-sized window, white hexagon pearl tile feature wall decor.

white penny shell tiles for nordic home style ZOE4901.jpg

The white penny shell tiles paired perfectly with the pink furniture to produces a minimalist Nordic home style.

 white natural shell tiles  ZOE4901.jpgwhite natural shell tiles ZOE4904.jpgwhite natural shell tiles  ZOE4906.jpg

white natural shell tiles  ZOE4907.jpgwhite natural shell tiles EOE4901.jpg

1. ZOE4901 / 2. ZOE4904 / 3. ZOE4906 / 4. ZOE4907 / 5. EOE4901


Beige Shell Series >>

beige pearl square tile for tiny bathroom wall EOE4902.jpg

Make your tiny bathroom looks more spacious and brighter with this 20x20mm pearl square tiles wall cladding.

beige square mother of pearl tiles for kitchen backsplash design EOE4902.jpg

A minimalist kitchen backsplash design done with the beige 1 square mother of pearl tiles splash, brass decorating, a solid marble countertop, which is so contemporary and wont outdated.

beige pearl fish scale tile for bathroom wall decor ZOE4905.jpg

This beige pearl fish scale tile creates a beautiful multi-dimensional effect to the bathroom space, installing a striking wall for you.

biege fish scale mother of pearl tile for hotel wall background ZOE4905.jpg

A splendid and magnificent hotel with a eye-catchy wall background design, the fish scale mother of pearl tile bring a lustre look and level up the whole space style.

beige natural shell tiles EOE4902.jpgbeige natural shell tiles ZOE4902.jpgbeige natural shell tiles ZOE4903.jpg

beige natural shell tiles ZOE4905.jpgbeige natural shell tiles ZOE4908.jpg

1. EOE4902 / 2. ZOE4902 / 3. ZOE4903 / 4. ZOE4905 / 5. ZOE4908


Black Lip Series >>

black slip shell tile for expensive living room wall decor ZOE4909.jpg

Looking for a shell tile pattern to make your living room more expensive? The black slip shell tile is a great pick t help you make it come true.

black lip shell tile mosaic for bathroom half wall design ZOE4909.jpg

The black lip shell tile mosaic used on the bathroom half wall looks absolutely beautiful, it draws peoples attention and add a touch of luxury to the room, adding natural timeless beauty and values.

black natural shell tiles EOE4903.jpgblack natural shell tiles ZOE4909.jpgblack natural shell tiles ZOE4910.jpg

black natural shell tiles ZOE4911.jpgblack natural shell tiles ZOE4912.jpg

1. EOE4903 / 2. ZOE4909 / 3. ZOE4910 / 4. ZOE4911 / 5. ZOE4912


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