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One of our favorite ways to enhance an extra level of dimension to your remodel plan is by adding a pop of iridescent elements. We’re seen our craftsman flawlessly execute this design time and time again so we thought we would share some of our favorite iridescent inspiration. Here are 8 ways to completely implement the touch of iridescent palette trend with handmade tile.

1. Go Bold with Uniquely Iridescent Subway Tile

If you’re really looking to think outside of the box, our new arrival iridescent glaze may be a great palette for you. Not usually seen as a typical color choice for tile, this iridescent hue is a soft and pleasing option for an accent wall, backsplash, entryway accent, or even a shower.

mosaic subway tile

2. Obsessed with Squares

Selecting a pastel hue with high variation might be another way to safely add a palette into your space. This charming iridescent glaze has a rustic quality that keeps it from being over-the-top. Moreover, again, the high variation brings a textural quality that creates personality and dimension.

iridescent kitchen backsplash

3. Shape is Key

The shape is key when it comes to a handmade tile design. By choosing a Feather shape with iridescent glaze, we can make a statement in your space. They say that Feathers are creative and that definitely holds true with our iridescent glaze. These geometric beauties are as whimsical as they’re bold. This Feather shape works with a variety of styles but this combo is specifically suited for a modern remodeling project.

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wholesale tile

4. Dreamy Subway Tile Bar Backsplash

One thing we love about this bar backsplash is that the dazzling pink iridescent tiles are not only used as a stove backsplash, but also as a beautiful accent backsplash for the corner bar space. The combination of iridescent subway tile with wood cabinets and natural greenery makes this space so appealing and unique.

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wholesale backsplash tiles

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5. Sweet Pink Blend

This outstanding living room accent made it on our list of favorites because it’s a wonderful example of a blend that was made particularly for the vibrant family. As a building block, the designers started with our shades of the white blend but soon came to realize that the living room space of our client needed a bit more special design to suit their styles. Combining with our client’s ideas, our designer used the sweet pink iridescent subway tile and herringbone pattern to give the accent wall of this living room, pancake breakfasts, and delicious dinner the attention it deserves.

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pink iridescent subway tile

Featured Product: Iridescent Subway ZOE9903

6. Turquoise Coastal Oasis

Bathroom space is the best place to unwind, particularly after a long day at the office. This tremendous coastal bathroom idea is the definition of quietness and relaxation. The subway tiles work perfectly with the iridescent surface which will make everyone fall in love. The bright and charming palettes remind us of clear ocean water on a summer afternoon day making a relaxing oasis.

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green iridescent subway tile

Featured Product: Iridescent Subway ZOE9901

7. Chic Backsplash

Look at this Mid-Century kitchen backsplash design is known for its clean lines, and classic shapes making this understated kitchen a perfect fit. Mixing glossy iridescent glaze and solid glaze color with accents of pure white colors brings out the iridescent effect of fun. This is a perfect example of how monotonous color accents within a simple design can bring a lot of characteristics to your space.

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square tile for kitchen backsplash

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8. Fabulous Square Backsplash

Ceramic wall tiles are a must due to their easy maintenance and durability, so why not make them stand out? By combining glamour iridescent surfaces, you can pair square tile with other surface designs such as adding patterns to create a marvelous kitchen backsplash. This kitchen backsplash uses a balanced mix of iridescent glaze surface and unique textures to create a fabulous wall tile design, ready for any and every reason.

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iridescent square tile for wall

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Get Inspired?

Undeniably timeless, the iridescent tile effortlessly elevates your space. This unique iridescent effect surface design adds bright and airy vibes to your space. If you’re loving these chic handmade tile looks, hop over to our Product or Tiles & Accessories pages to pick out the tile that works for your iridescent tile. Order free tile samples right now and you may fall in love with our high-quality tile. MM-Mosaic is excited to hear about what inspires your future project!