There are many types of tiles in today’s market. People tend to choose those are affordable and durable, and of course maintenance cost is another factor they need to consider. Many people desire natural beauty so they would like to pick tiles that are made of natural materials such as stone tile and wood tile. Other people would prefer ceramic or porcelain tile because they think it can avoid the unnecessary trouble from subsequent maintenance. If you are pursuing the most easiest way to clean and maintain walls and floors ceramic and porcelain made tile seem to be the best choice.

Generally speaking, porcelain tile is superior to ceramic tile on traits. Porcelain tile have higher hardness and more scratch resistant than ceramic tile. Also, they are supposed to be denser and less porous largely owing to the close glazed coating. Many people adore a surface treatment called full body that porcelain tile usually present. It shows a surface that is matte and impure so this kind of porcelain tile is a top option for wet rooms such as bathroom and kitchen.

What’s more, porcelain tile come in a great variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. All advantages seem to make porcelain tile an inevitable choice when talking about water absorption rate, versatility and complexity of cleaning and maintenance. In fact you may just see part of it. Many manufacturers and suppliers nowadays always claim that their porcelain tile products are porcelain indeed but without offering any authorized test report. The situation is you can see many tiles which are labeled as porcelain do not have characteristics that quality porcelain tile should have. Laymen are hard to distinguish whether it is quality porcelain or cheap material. It is common that some local home improvement stores sell tiles that are cheap imports and cannot pass the verification. People think they purchase premium porcelain tiles that are far more better than the ceramic but actually are substandard. These unqualified porcelain tiles will not only cause safety problem but also increase the difficulty and cost of cleaning and maintenance.   

Unqualified porcelain tiles are porous and difficult to clean. Porous surface means that they will be more stainable and easy to be adhered all kinds of dirt such as sauce and sludge. These tiles will show stain spots soon especially for places where have high traffic such as lobby and living room. As dirt accumulate and getting more and more stubborn, your porcelain tile flooring will become extremely hard to clean. If it is quality porcelain tile, which is often covered a close layer of glaze, cleaning will not be a problem any more. The tile surface is smooth that help you remove any dirt even only with water and wipe.  

Further, unqualified porcelain tiles often have quality control issue. Color and hardness are hard to be controlled so that you may find different batch of tile has uneven quality. The tiles you get may be vastly different from the sample. Also, unqualified porcelain tiles will get scratches and other hurts more easily. You may have to encounter a worse thing is tiles go wrong after being installed a long period of time. Some manufactures are mean and you do not observe there are some quality issues of the tile before putting into use. That makes you trouble as manufacturers do not want to return money or replace tiles that have been already used for a while no matter what problem you have on hand.     

However, there are still many quality porcelain tiles that meet the standard of industry in the market. Make a detailed survey on tile suppliers before picking up the best reliable brand to ensure what you purchase is quality tile product. MM-Mosaic is such a manufacturer who has over 10-year experience in quality porcelain tile supply. Welcome to visit us today at for more premium ceramic/porcelain tiles and tiles that are made of other durable materials. Get a quote and best price here.