Does anybody remember when crackle finish was all the rage back in the 90’s? People used to apply crackle finish to painted furniture, trying to get that “country” look. Crackling creates an rustic, antique or a primitive ambiance to vintage objects.

The technique of crackling has been used in modern decor industry to create various objects and materials such as glass and ceramics. Speaking of crackle finish, the first word comes to your mind might be antique, old, nostalgic, reminiscent or something like that. However, crackle finish could also create a modern look when it’s applied mosaic tiles. For example, MM-Mosaic’s new fish scale tile mosaic series is the perfect combination of antique and modern style.

Below are four different colors in this series: light gray, green, blue and dark blue. Which color do you like best?  

MM-Mosaic cracked finish moroccan fan shaped mosaic tile series.jpg

Premium clay and crackle gaze were selected for this series, just to create a fascinating crackling effect for you. With a crackle finish, this pattern offers a glossy surface with a high sheen. The crackle textures can be seen very clearly, creating an antique aesthetic sense. However, the unique and creative fan shaped tile brings a modern style to this product. The combination of the antique and modern elements makes the product so refreshing. 

gray fan shaped mosaic tile.jpg

Featured Product: CZB319X

gray cracked texture mosaic tile wall.jpg

Living room is a very important part for the family. You can say it’s the centerpiece of the house. Well, for guests, the living room is the first place they will see after they enter. For the family, it’s where the people would sit together, watch TV, etc. The decor style of the living room sets the basic theme for the whole house. And the decor style of the feature wall tile is the centerpiece of the living room. So, the wall decor of the living room is of great importance to the house.

Let’s take a look at the featured product CZB319X. Even tough the application area is large, it doesn’t look too busy. The fan shape mosaic tile, and the cranes in the red wallpaper, these elemetns create a classic and antique ambiance for the whole living room.         

Yet changing the hue of the tile could create a totally different look. Please look at the featured product CZB617X. Together with the ceiling lamp, the dark blue color makes the whole space look modern and elegant. So, even with the same crackle finish pattern, you can create different styles with different hues.  

navy blue fan shaped mosaic tile.jpg

Featured Product: CZB617X

dinning room using dark blue fam shape mosaic tile for feature wall design.jpg

After a long day of work, you must feel tired. Bathrrom is the best relaxing oasis for you to wash away your tiredness. The crackle finish in blue hue provides a refreshing look, rejuvenating the whole space, and make you feel recharged.  

bathroom using light blue crackle finish mosaic tile.jpg

Featured Product: CZB613X

The green crackle finish fan shape mosaic tile is a very good choice for outdoor use. Take a look at the featured product CZB718X and see how it blends in with the surroundings. The green mosaic wall tiles, green water and the green plants match naturally and perfectly, which makes your eyes comfortable when you look at them. Use this nature-inspired fan shape as feature wall tile or pair with many of our other tile products to complete your oasis. 

green fish scale mosaic ceramic tile.jpg

Featured Product: CZB718X

balcony using green mosaic tile for decoration.jpg

Feeling Inspired?

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