Who says walls and floors must be covered with square yet plain, rectangular yet sterile tiles? Why not adopt fancy patterns that consist of shapes like hexagon, triangle or lantern in different colors and processed surfaces? Such an alteration would highlight the interior space of your house and transform it into the look that you may find is fabulous. MM-Mosaic in this article is going to go into details first at the hexagon type. Though you might be wondering the possibility that just simple hexagonal design could be so appealing, it’s believed the following examples would reassure you by various materials, wonderful color combinations and affordable elegance.

Hexagon is a common yet popular geometry in interior decorating design. Similar to the other types of tiles, they also can be made surface flat or three dimensional, material and color pure or mixed, pattern natural or crafted, etc. Hexagon mosaic can be gorgeously colored, giving a touch of vitality and refreshment. They have been gone through hundreds and thousands times of experiments in residential adornment in or outdoor and work out a satisfying result in almost any places such as kitchen backsplash, bathroom mirror background, reception room accent wall, balcony porches, etc. They are a wide range of charming esthetics and bring you a feeling of as though standing inside a special place of memory and peace.  

When deciding what kind of hex mosaic tile should be used in a specific project, several questions need you to ask yourself. In which place are you going to tile? Who is going to share this place with you? How much traffic is in this place? These questions can really help you to choose the right honeycomb like mosaic tile in terms of practicability. As for aesthetics, you may invite interior designers or contractor builders for professional advice. Some would suggest you put the tiles on the part that is contrasting to curtains, furniture and even household appliances, while others would recommend a harmonious look, all depending on the existing design elements and what style you expect. Anyway, you would find out the reason why this particular shape of tile are gaining more and more popularity is because they are easy matching to any space. 

Decorate Backsplash With Fantasy Hexagon Shape

The honeycomb hexagon tile in blended materials and special processed surface would act as a graceful decoration on backsplash in bathroom and kitchen. This is beneficial from the ingenious allocation of small and big hexagons with the same color scheme, and using natural and artificial textures boldly. As shown bellow, the bathroom applies full body tiles of small hexagon shape on the wall beside the bathtub, which is not only a good match with the upper horizontal bar design but focalize the most decent part of the room. The former kitchen use white hexagon mosaic tile based on its mellow style, which make the space pure but not dull. The second kitchen also use simple and elegant  to embellish the backsplash. The biggest different is it is suitable for floor paving too. Stain would hardly appear due to its glossy glazed surface and that decides it is also easily cleaned with a few wipes with mop and water.  

full body ceramic tiles black and beige hexagon shaped bathroom wall decorative tile.jpg

Full Body Ceramic Tiles CZO013Y

glass stone ceramic mixed white hexagon mosaic tile kitchen backsplash decoration.jpg

3 Inch White Hexagon Mosaic Tile HZH020OYG

4 inch pure white honeycomb hexagon kitchen mosaic tile for floor and wall.jpg

4 Inch Pure White Hexagon Floor And Wall Tile CZG234B  

glass stone ceramic mixed bathroom backsplash wall black grey hexagon mosaic.jpg

Grey Hexagon Mosaic HZH023OYG

Rock The Wall With Marvelous Hexagon Design  

When you glance at this hot melt blue glass mosaic tile, you may be wondering why and how to use it in reception room decoration, for it looks really like those mosaics for pools use only. However, creativity is infinite. Sometimes plucking up to do a try you may gain extraordinary result, just as the attached design shows. Assisted with splendid lighting, the reception room is glowing and that also benefit from the large blue glass mosaic background. So when you have a wild idea or thing in hand, you are not supposed to say no or underestimate its possibility of producing a fine result at the very first beginning. Then you will find it workable or even excellent in some cases anyway. The decorative wall of the bedroom also shares the same design spirit. Don’t think it is the immutable principle that bedroom should avoid using cool color. If colors mixed tactfully, you can create “The Minority” fashion, which is predicted a growing trend these years.  

luxury villa style small hexagon shaped blue hot melt glass mosaic tile.jpg

1 Inch Blue Glass Mosaic Tile GZO601WQ

blue mixed color 2 inch hexagon ceramic mosaic tile for bedside wall.jpg

2x2 Hexagon Tile Mosaic CZG061Y 

Blend Carrara & Calacatta Style In The Hexagon

It is a bit hard to distinguish Carrara and Calacatta style at a glance. If fact, you can judge the pattern if see closer though they are both marble-textured. The texture of Carrara marble is gray while Calacatta is brown. These two materials are very popular in upscale property so the price is higher. However, there are some porcelain tiles being processed as vivid as the real marble. When these two styles meet hexagon design, it comes out an elegant wall and floor decoration option. Because of it is made of porcelain, that means it can be used in almost any space, bathroom, kitchen, doorway, etc. Below the attached two designs are good examples. If you want more info about marble effect porcelain tiles, read our previously published article 4 Ways To Use Carrara Porcelain Tiles In Your Home and Go Neat With Carrara Porcelain Tile. And we will also publish house decorating tips about Calacatta style porcelain tile in further blog update. 

natural texture marble effect porcelain tiles for house interior decorating.jpg

Carrara Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles CZM932Y

Calacatta white porcelain mosaic floor tiles marble look surface.jpg

White Calacatta Porcelain Tile Mosaic CZM938Y

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