Finger mosaic tiles are one of our most popular tile shapes - and for good reason. This chic, versatile, and highly effective shape is an interior designer’s dream thing. From elegant bathroom showers to kitchen backsplashes, our finger mosaic tiles make just the right amount of design, when bringing endless possibilities. Read further to check out the 2 new arrival finger mosaic tiles right now:

Oval Finger Series

Adding an oval finger shape to a bright and clean wall is always satisfying, let alone when you can improve the interior design by using our Oval Finger Series. This kiln surface is the perfect way to showcase such a strong look while keeping it super!

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oval finger tile mosaic

Maple Tone

If you’re searching to really make a statement with glazed porcelain mosaic tile, this fascinating tile is a bold and wonderful choice. The high variation of this glaze on our Oval Finger Mosaic Tiles brings an incredible amount of depth that makes it an instant modern.

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glazed oval mosaic tile

Feature Product: Oval Finger Tile ZOB1907

White Bathroom With an Attractive View

The timeless and creative finger tiles can form two different mosaic patterns - vertical and horizontal style. We all love the beautiful vertical pattern, which takes the amazing visual effect in a bathroom wall. The grout lines of this accent wall add an element of intrigue to any wall as well as the countless possibilities with color and layout style.

bathroom shower wall design

Bathroom Vanity Wall Ideas

A unique vertical pattern on a creative shape, our oval finger tile pattern is the perfect way to let your creativity shine with lovely finger tile. Each piece is sized and glazed by our professional workers, giving it appealing depth, variation, and kiln surface. Do you obsessed with this bold bathroom vanity wall design?

interior design company

How to Add Glamour to Your Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash is sure to shine with this kiln-glazed finger mosaic tile! The stunning shape and maple color were literally made for each other, and they come together in a perfect mosaic tile kitchen backsplash. This tile pattern gives a bold, fresh, and modern appearance.

bold color kitchen backsplash with finger mosaic tile

Warm Up Natural Color

We couldn’t be more excited with what is becoming our signature light green finger shape tile design: breezy light green tone, kiln glazed surface, oval finger shape. Using this appealing mosaic tile as your kitchen backsplash can create a soft and airy feel to the modern and trendy kitchen. Just imagine the possibilities of tone to make this tile design your own.

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light green finger mosaic tile

Feature Product: Oval Finger Tile

Easy to Install Back Design

Let’s check the back design of our finger mosaic tile. Mesh design not only makes the tile arrangement tidier but also saves your time and money while installing these wall tiles. Going stylish with our new arrival Finger Tile Series is a great way to offer a subtle backdrop to any wall. While improving the whole interior design.

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back mesh design for tile

Mysterious Black Hue

This 3D moulding surface shape mix charming black tone elements have all of the character and hue you could want in a kitchen backsplash. The combination of black color, kiln moulding finish, and oval finger shape keep the whole style tasteful and glamorous without reading too boring. Black can be the perfect way to provide a mysterious vibe to your walls.

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 black oval finger tile

Feature Product: Oval Finger Tile

Black Finger Tile as Kitchen Backsplash

The practical layout variation of our Finger Series is the horizontal pattern. This classic and contemporary arrangement makes a truly incredible and stunning look, and the accent wall design possibilities are endless. Whether using the vertical pattern or horizontal style, you can play around with this Finger Series to create your dream walls.

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 accent walls with finger mosaic tile

Moulding Surface Finger Series

Finger mosaic tile is a versatile material that can be used in endless ways throughout your home. Whether utilizing tile for utilitarian purposes in a bathroom shower or living room accents, or for decorative reasons, like on a bar island or kitchen backsplash, our 3D Moulding Finger Series is the ideal fit for your next renovation. Take a look at some of the tones right now:

mosaic tile supplies

Finger Shape Tile Statement Wall

Available in a vertical and horizontal pattern, Finger Tiles always take the prize in the sleek and trendy category. This simple geometric strip shape with a bold 3D moulding finish and minimalist white glaze does wonders as an accent.

 white 3d moulding finish mosaic tile

Feature Product: 3D Moulding Surface Strip ZOB1210

Pop of Moulding Finish

Trying shades of pure whites in your wall is another way to add a calming feeling to any high-traffic area, like kitchen backsplash and entryway wall. Particularly when used in a wall with a great amount of natural sunlight, simple white can offer a sense of minimalist that promotes airy, health, and comfortable. We’re completely in love with this chic and stylish new tile!

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3d moulding surface porcelain mosaic tile

Waterproof Wall-to-Wall

Although 3D moulding surface design is technically finger tile, we wanted to give it its own category because we just can not get enough of it. We love this high variation 3D moulding finish wall decor because it proves that bathrooms aren’t limited to porcelain tile. In fact, we almost prefer a tiled vanity wall because you get to take in its glamour every time you walk in.

finger tiles bathroom

Try a 3D Moulding Surface Kitchen Backsplash

Minimalist backsplash gives you the power to bring your tile dreams to life. Jane, the designer of this kitchen, did just that by keeping things modern and simple. The harmony of the glossy white tile with a 3D moulding finish creates beautiful movement and an eye-catching statement. We love the pops of white and natural wood tones throughout this masterpiece.

finger tiles kitchen

Earthy Color

Utilizing color in the kitchen backsplash does not have to define the wall through distinctive color. This glazed black earth-tone 3D moulding finish finger shape design is a more accessible way to provide color into your kitchen through the use of a textured, high variation kiln glaze.

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finger mosaic tile for shower wall

Featured Product: 3D Moulding Surface Strip ZOB1104

Obsessed With Green

Soft green is the color of nature and brings a tranquil atmosphere to any wall. Here, the mountain green moulding finish finger tile is the ideal contrast to the neutral cabinets and metal fixtures of any kitchen style. It adds a mild sense of drama while bringing a whole calming effect to your room.

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dark green glazed mosiac tile

Featured Product: 3D Moulding Surface Strip ZOB1712

Get Inspired?

Fall in love with our new Finger Tile Series? Let’s order tile samples to see and touch right! We’re so pleased to hear about your future renovation projects. Don’t be shy to share your ideas about tile shape, color, size, and anything else you want to share. MM-Mosaic will get back to you immediately and support you with your home or commercial remodeling plans.