Porcelain Mosaic, which usually associated with churches and the middle ages, are hardly defined fashion. However with the modern maximalist insurgency in the design community, with the completely welcome return of multicolor, various pattern and unique interior design, elaborate mosaic installations might soon follow wallpaper as an antique decoration updated and rediscover.

As you might know, there are many different shapes of a mosaic that have been used in home design, such as fish scale, hexagon, penny rounds and so on. Looking from the appearance of this trapezium mosaic with intriguing faces, which expands the space of a room and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

details of irregular mosaic

Chip Size: 32x60x25x6mm; Sheet Size: 258X288mm

Thickness:6mm; Gap:2.5mm; Mesh mounted on back, easy to install

each face of irregular porcelain mosaic

Hand-crafted Trapezium Porcelain Mosaic - CZO973A

How can I stay asleep for 8 hours? How to improve my sleep quality? How does the bedroom affect my sleep? The answer may choose a calming bedroom color. As a matter of fact, there is a strong correlation between the wall color of bedroom and decoration with how much sleep quality you are having.

Someone with light grey bedroom appears to be getting well nights sleep because the soothing color mimics moonlight so that your brain will know its nighttime for sleep. The hand-crafted trapezium porcelain mosaic is the unexcelled choice to improve your sleep quality. The grey curtain associated with wooden white dressing table, which creates a natural and comfortable atmosphere.

light grey hand-crafted trapezium porcelain mosaic uesd in bedroom

After talking about the quiet place, we beginning to discuss the busy place of your home. So much happens in the kitchen, from cooking and having meals, gathering around the table to chatting with your friends, maybe this is where you sit to do many things. In fact, cooking and having meals is the initial purpose of a kitchen which means it to function as best as it can when it comes to preparing meals. While having a well-operating kitchen, everyone wants to have a beautiful space where reflect your style and taste simultaneously. The design of mosaic backsplash might help you to access this aim. A delicate backsplash not only protects the walls behind stoves from being splashing oil but also make your kitchen more exquisite.

the kitchen backsplash of  porcelain mosaic

The ceramic tile backsplash is practically made for kitchens due to its less maintenance and robustness. What’s more, mosaic lends itself more suitable to the kitchen, since mosaic performs better than many wall materials in humid environments.

Nonetheless, installing porcelain mosaic wall tile can often be tricky, and if done incorrectly, damage the whole design. It is not like paving common floor tiles so that normally many homeowners will plan with interior designer and mosaic supplier before install.

color options of hand-crafted trapezium porcelain mosaic

We have seen plenty of situations that someone has worked months on, wonderful mosaic patterns, get damaged due to choosing the wrong grout. The most important thing you need to know is that every seam is a visual part of the mosaic, therefore you should pay more attention to the grouting process. Here is an article about mosaic installation, we believe you can give reference: Here To Find Out A Best Grout Color For Your Tile>>> 

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