오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610-
  • 오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610-
  • 오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610-
  • 오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610-
  • 오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610-
  • 오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610-
  • 오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610-

오목 +삼각형 +ZOB1610

  • Concave mini star porcelain mosaic tiles

  • Popular triangle shape with special uneven surface process

  • Exquisite color variation, glossy glazed finish

  • Sky blue color livens up any rooms

  • Various colors for option, customized service available

  • Made of porcelains, durable and strong longervity

  • Easy to clean and maintain, waterproof, wear-resistant

  • Mesh mounted on back, for simple installation

  • Suitable for wall, backsplash, accent tiling project

  • Sample Available Here

  • Manufacturer: MM-Mosaic

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